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Seamless moving for your family

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Seamless moving for your office

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Seamless moving for your supplies

Everything, Handled
With Care

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Smooth moving for your family

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every move we make.

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We will pack it, stack it, truck it, but not crack it.

Moving since


Since 2017 Freeman Movers has specialized in handling the moving needs of families and businesses in Uganda and beyond offering apt moving services for house (residential) and office premises among other services at affordable costs in the budding real estate industry within East Africa..

Our steps

The Moving Journey


10-15 Minute home inspection to obtain information to prepare a quote for your move.

Get a Quote

Setting out the estimated cost for your move as per the survey based on your items.

Set a Date

Confirm with us your moving date with details of the date, time and location where to.


We also transport your items to your new locations in the best way possible..

Why Chose Freemans

We are Leading in Moving Business.

We have been providing moving services in Uganda and beyond for the past 6 years, and we're proud to say that our expertise has made us a leader in the burgeoning real estate industry. We offer prompt and reliable moving services at affordable prices. Our employees are trained to handle all kinds of moves, including house (residential) and office premises..

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